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Bookshelf Project “Once Upon a Time…”

The Bookshelf Project “Once Upon a Time… someone gave me my first book” has come to its completion and has been a wonderful success.

The 22 children living in UnitingCare West’s Family Group Homes (FGH) have all received a bookshelf and a collection of books that are now labelled as their own. The children will be able to take the books and shelves with them if they happen to move homes.

Many of the bookcases UCW received were built by the students of Perth Ladies’ College (PLC) in their wood work classes, and donated by the students of Wesley College.

In total UCW raised $1,950 for the Bookshelf Project. This money has been donated by people in the community, via our web page and the newsletter. Further donations came from a UnitingCare West Board Member, who asked all of her birthday guests to donate money in name of the bookshelf project instead of bringing gifts. UnitingCare West would like to thank all those who made these generous donations of both books and funds.

The funds raised will go towards acquiring books and games that align with the interests, education and hobbies of the individual children. Leftover books from the initial donation drive have been placed on a communal shelf where new children will have the opportunity to choose books that interest them before they are labelled with the child’s name to become their own.

The objective of the project was to provide children that live in foster care with UnitingCare West with ownership of books and stimulate reading at each of the homes and this has been a great success.

The project had begun with a generous donation by Penrhos student Genevieve Blair. Genevieve was awarded the Caring in the Community Award by the Young People Who Care Awards program. Her well-deserved prize was a $1,000 gift voucher for Good Guys which Genevieve gifted forward and presented to UnitingCare West as a donation. This kind donation went towards the purchase of a tablet for each of the Family Group Homes for educational purposes.

The children were given their bookshelves on Friday 16 January at the UCW Sunbury Road office where they were very excited to un-wrap their books and receive their bookcase.

Again, thank you to everyone who donated to this wonderful appeal, you have given some children their first very own books that they will treasure going forward.