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David shows his artistic side

David, who lives in one of UnitingCare West’s Housing Services homes through our Independent Living Program, is an artist. He recently talked about his painting ‘Day Dreams’ that hangs in UnitingCare West’s Warehouse Café.

David said that what inspires him to paint is the décor of the place in which the painting is to feature. David said he likes to create a colour base and build on this, so at first glance it appears that only a few colours are present, but if you look closer, more and more colours come to the surface.

This was the inspiration behind the name ‘Day Dreams’, as his painting encourages you to simply sit and gaze at it, thus enjoying the increase in awareness of the colours the longer you look.

Originally trained as a boiler maker, David began making handmade garden tools for his boss who was happy for David to use his artistic talents when work was quiet.

Further to painting, David also creates and paints beautiful pottery pieces, including jars, plates and bowls. He also makes jewellery in both gold and silver.

When asked about his favourite place to paint, David said he has the ability to paint anywhere; he has an easel and canvas set up at home ready for when inspiration strikes.

Pop into the Warehouse Café to take a look at ‘Day Dreams’ and enjoy a few moments of being lost amongst the colours.  

The café is open from 7.30am – 2.30pm, Monday to Friday and is located at 221 Onslow Road, Shenton Park.

UCW’s Housing Services provides a supportive landlord service to people renting accommodation through UCW’s Independent Living Program. This support service assists people with a chronic, persistent mental illness through a network of 225 houses in Perth’s northern suburbs. Referrals for accommodation are received from mental health clinics where individuals cannot apply for accommodation themselves.