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Level Up Street Libraries

1200pix level up little library IMG 5918“Street Libraries” is a UnitingCare West Level Up project that has been running since July this year. The project promotes literacy and a love for reading within communities, and makes children’s books more accessible to families.

The Level Up Victoria Park group has been working on the Street Libraries project with the City of Canning. The City will be installing 10 libraries in public places such as parks and community centres, with people living in the area being invited to take a book and replace it with one of their own.

The Level Up program supports job seekers holistically through a government Work for the Dole program and all participants shared that they had come into the Level Up program via AtWork and that the program had far exceeded their expectations. The program places job seekers in activities where they can gain skills and experience that give back to the community and which can ultimately help them find a job.

Eligible job seekers registered with a jobactive provider participate in Work for the Dole or another approved activity for six months each year to keep receiving their income support.  

Strong partnerships are being built through the projects run by UnitingCare West’s Level Up program and great skills are being learnt. The confidence of the participants is growing in leaps. Residents of the City of Canning and the City of Armadale are already benefiting from the Street Libraries project and it will be now extended to other locations.

The project started in July with planning, sourcing and project management. Many new skills are being learnt and these are skills that can be transferred to a CV for job applications. 

The building side of the project started in October and the participants hope to be finished by the end of November with a launch event to follow.

The participants all agreed that the program has been beneficial and they have enjoyed working together as a team. There is a great sense of achievement to see the Street Libraries being built and placed around the City of Canning and Armadale. They felt that they had achieved not just something for themselves but had contributed to the community as well.