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Michael's Milestone

Michael Friedman, one of the participants UnitingCare West is supporting at Community Options South, has recently achieved a huge personal success. 

Michael created a ten page Adult Colouring Book. All templates are designed and drawn by Michael; he did the copying and binding of the finished books. Michael put in months of hard work to achieve his goal. 

On Friday 19th August 2016 Michael launched his book at a Community Options South Celebration Event. 

Michael said that ‘he was never more proud and happy than just now’ and continued to thank UnitingCare West and Community Options South for the dedication of all the staff that supported his endeavour. ‘It will be not my last project’, Michael remarked, before the audience applauded enthusiastically. 

At a small reception Michael signed some books and gave them to some of his dear peers. 

This is a great example of how setting individual goals, showing great perseverance and having the support of dedicated staff can produce such a great outcome.