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Once Upon A Time... Someone gave me my first book!

Recently Australia celebrated Children’s Book Week and children around the country were being inspired to read and enjoy the wonderful gift of imagination and storytelling.

During Book Week UnitingCare West launched a new project called “Once Upon A Time… someone gave me my first book”. The goal is to buy a bookshelf and a selection of new books and educational games for each foster child living in UCW’s Family Group Homes. We currently have 21 children in care across 5 Family Group homes.

The children in our Family Group Homes are no longer living with their own families. These children are receiving full-time care and support from UnitingCare West.

UCW wants to ensure that each child and young person that comes to live with us owns a shelf of books that they can take with them when they leave. The fact that the books will belong to them personally and not be a shared resource is a valuable part of this project, many of the children in our care have few belongings they can call their own.

Schools, students, businesses and individuals can get involved.

You could organise a fundraiser such as fun run, bake sale or school event about foster care.

You could buy a bookcase, build it and buy 5 new books for one child. Maximum cost should be $400. We would provide gender, age and a list of things the child is interested in.

You could raise $400 at your school, at work or in the neighbourhood. Your donation of $400 towards the bookshelf project will able us to buy a “first bookshelf and books” for one foster child.

You can make a donation via the button below!



Please support this project, because every child deserves to own books that they love.

Your gift will be the start of a child’s own book collection.

For more information about this project, please contact Nienke via marketing@unitingcarewest.org.au.

We look forward hearing from you!

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