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Strengthening our mission to “support, serve and empower those most in need”

Introducing Daniel Viljoen – Mission Development Leader

Rev Daniel Viljoen started recently with UnitingCare West as the new Mission Development Leader. One of his responsibilities is to strengthen the relationship between UnitingCare West and the Uniting Church; developing this relationship can take many directions.

Firstly Daniel helps UnitingCare West employees to understand the history and character of the Uniting Church and how this influences who we are as an organisation today. When changes occur in services, Daniel is involved to create a broader understanding of how these changes might impact on the Uniting Church.

Daniel also helps Church members feel they are welcome at UnitingCare West and that the agency is a place where congregation members can be involved in practical ways to act out faith.

In a way Daniel's role is that of a translator. “My role involves translating Christian principles into concepts that are acceptable in a corporate environment.” Daniel explains.

“I am an accredited minister and theologian; I bring an understanding of the Church and theology. I have been a minister with several congregations and a Military Chaplain in the South African National Defence Force. It was at the Defence Force that I learnt to integrate theology and business.”

“After the Defence force I worked for an aged care provider in Australia and helped the organisation with Mission Alignment. I have brought this experience with me to UnitingCare West; I am fascinated with the interrelation between business and theology.”

“I bring a healthy curiosity to the role and a critical look at things. I am always curious to find out why people do the things they do in the way they do it and do my best to understand. I also love to listen to people and hear their story.”

UnitingCare West is now eight years old and rapidly growing. We are aware that mission drift is something that can easily occur at this stage. It is my core objective to ensure that the organisation stays true to its Christian roots and to bring the Uniting Church and UnitingCare West even closer together in the years to come.”

“UnitingCare West is an organisation where people from all walks of life and all religions and faiths are welcome – the work I do contributes to the cultivation of this culture.”