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UCW Reveals Refreshed Look

As part of our tenth anniversary year, UnitingCare West has unveiled a refreshed look incorporating an updated logo and revised colour palette; an integral part of our strategy to be seen and heard in the West Australian community.

UCW35270 Uniting Care Logo3


 After 10 years with the original logo it was felt that the organisation had evolved and grown and so wanted our brand to acknowledge that. 

Our original brand is known well in the sectors we work in, but we are seeking to extend this reach to the general community more broadly. 

The development of this refreshed brand has established a new way of talking about UCW as well as a new logo and associated identity changes, to support our position as a key community services organisation in Western Australia:

  • We are committed to acting justly as well as advocating for justice. Hope is a desired response for and from all people UCW engages with – either people who are most in need or those who want to make a positive difference in the community in which we live and do business.
  • Connecting with community is important if we are to achieve the best outcomes for the people we work with. It is also the joining point between Uniting Church’s worship, witness and services and our mission to work with people and communities so that those most in need can belong and thrive.
  • We are committed to being an organisation that leads advocacy for and with vulnerable people especially those who are most in need. We do this through partnerships and supporting service centres. We endeavour to be responsive and nimble, innovative and wise stewards of the resources made available to us by supporters and communities.

Over the coming year you will see this refreshed look across all UnitingCare West platforms, including newsletters, website, advertisements and promotions. What you won’t see is an overnight change. At UnitingCare West, we are very mindful of the costs involved in an exercise like this. As such we are conscientiously striving to minimise the cost as much as we can by only reproducing materials as we need to. We will not be throwing out reams of letterhead and publications. Instead we will be rolling out the new livery gradually and responsibly. 

The refreshed logo also brings us into line with our WA Uniting Church Agency partners Juniper and Good Samaritan Industries, reflecting that the three agencies are part of the wider UnitingCare Australia network.

We are looking forward to embedding our refreshed livery and the new ways we talk about UnitingCare West over the coming year. 








UCW35270 Uniting Care Logo

UnitingCare West Unveils Refreshed Look