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UCW Welcomes new Chaplain role

sophia2This month, UnitingCareWest welcomed our new Chaplain to the team, Sophia Lizares, who shared with us a little about how this new role will add value to all involved with UCW...

What’s my role at UCW?

As Chaplain, I will be walking alongside UnitingCare West staff, volunteers, clients and their families in the changing workplace and social environment. Already UCW offers many opportunities for wellness and other forms of individual staff support. I hope to enhance these services focusing on whole-being through presence and accompaniment, and the sharing of sacred spaces, rituals and resources from the world's great spiritual traditions.

Part of my work includes collaborating with religious, business and partner agencies within the UCW network, particularly the Uniting Church in Western Australia of which the UCW is a related agency.

What am I looking to achieve?

Together with you all, I look forward to co-creating a thriving, soulful and purposeful work community where everyone feels valued and challenged to be their best, authentic selves. In our busy lives, I seek to broaden space for reflective practice. With each of you, I hope to build trustful relationships. 

As part of the Second Peoples in Australia, I wish to be part of reconciliation by learning toward a deeper understanding of the culture and spirituality of the First Peoples, particularly the Aboriginal Noongar people, the traditional owners and custodians of the land on which UCW serves.

What gets me up in the morning?

Literally, on work days, I get up to FM classical music. On weekends, it could be fog on the hills or brilliant fuchsia sunrises to photograph. On the whole, a sense of wonder in what the day might be like.

Who or what inspires you?

Kind hearts, fierce minds, brave spirits; vast empty spaces, rugged coasts and mountains, karri forests; storms, sunsets and moonrises; God's bias for the poor and the vulnerable and God's love and hope for all persons and all of creation.

Welcome to UCW Sophia!