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UnitingCare West Supports Annual Silent Domestic Violence Memorial March

UnitingCare West is honoured to once again be involved in the Perth Annual Silent Domestic Violence March.

Libby, a client from our Indigenous Family Violence program has this year been chosen to speak at the event and will be reciting some of the beautiful and moving poetry you can read below.  Her story is both courageous and inspirational.

Libby is a 50 year old Aboriginal woman with an extensive history of domestic violence perpetrated by her ex-husband. She was with her ex-husband for twenty years, living on an isolated farm, which only intensified the domestic violence and made it much more difficult for her to leave.

She eventually separated from her husband, who was charged for domestic violence, and served some time in prison.   Libby’s five children are now all adults and she lives in Perth.

Libby writes extremely powerful poetry about her experiences. 

The first poem ‘Who Asked’ was written when she was just twelve years old and is about her experiences as a child watching domestic violence amongst her mother and father. 


Who Asked

Hush, listen, that’s an egg on the wall

Another chair broken and our milk on the floor

We’ve heard it all so often

We know every sound

We know when Dad’s knocked Mum to the ground


So why do they argue and why do they fight

And why should we listen to that every night

We don’t ask them to fight

We don’t ask to be born


We just lay and listen

Till shattered and torn


The last two poems were written when Libby was still with her now ex-husband and was experiencing domestic violence as both a mother and a wife.



Son, why so unhappy

Why look so sad

It isn’t your fault

That Daddy gets mad

He keeps all his feelings

Hid deep down inside

He knows not how to talk

How to swallow his pride

Son, try to be happy

Son, don’t feel sad

It isn’t your fault

That Daddy gets mad


Every Day

I wake up each morning, with feelings of despair

And wonder of the temperaments that may fill the air

Shall the mood be happy, be angered or be sad

Is it fault of anyone, to make me feel so bad

How shall I know, I am without a clue

I feel I’m left in the darkness

I know not what to do. 

Well done to Libby for having the strength to stand up in front of the large crowd and share her personal experiences through the words of her poems.