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One of the most effective ways of helping UnitingCare West is by remembering us in your Will. 

In making a bequest to UnitingCare West, you will be helping us to ensure that we can continue to offer a range of services for many West Australians who are facing hardships.

Your lasting, caring gift will be responsibly managed and, because we operate a diverse range of community services, you will have the opportunity to nominate which area you would like your bequest to support.

UCW Bequests Guide

Leaving a Bequest in your Will

Legal name:  UnitingCare West.  ABN:  75 467 729 203

UnitingCare West recommends seeking professional advice to ensure that your bequest fits appropriately with the overall intentions for your estate and that it is accurately reflected in a legal Will. Whilst not providing you with any legal advice, the following wording could be considered by your legal adviser: 

If you would like to leave a bequest to UnitingCare West for its charitable purposes:
I give the sum of $... to UnitingCare West for its general charitable purposes.

If you would like to leave a bequest to UnitingCare West for a specific program or activity:
I give the sum of $... to UnitingCare West and I request, but without creating a binding trust, that this bequest be applied to… (insert name of relevant program or activity) but if at the date of my death this program no longer operates then for any similar or other program of UnitingCare West.

In addition to monetary bequests, the types of bequests that can be made in your Will to UnitingCare West include:

Shares:  I give all my shares in the company… Limited (ACN…) to UnitingCare West

Real Property:  I give and devise all my right title and interest in the property at… (insert address and title particulars including volume and folio numbers), free from all encumbrances (or subject to the following encumbrances…) to UnitingCare West 

Residue of your estate:  I give… (e.g. the whole / one half / one quarter / or a percentage) of the residue of my estate to UnitingCare West.

Receipt Clause:  I direct and declare that a receipt of the Chief Executive Officer for the time being of UnitingCare West shall be a full and complete discharge to my Executor.

Please contact us if a more specific clause is required.

Keeping Informed

If you make a bequest in your Will to UnitingCare West, please let us know about it. We can then keep you up to date with information and developments, and invite you to relevant special events throughout the year that we hold for our benefactors.

Please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your wishes.

Bequest Officer

Vicky Arnold
Ph: 1300 663 298
Dir: 9355 9115

Central Office
16 Sunbury Road
Fax: 1300 663 528

The information on this webpage does not constitute legal or financial advice and should not be relied upon as a substitute for professional advice. UnitingCare West encourages you to seek professional, legal estate planning and financial advice before deciding on a course of action.