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Below are examples of current and recent projects that have been undertaken by schools in partnership with UnitingCare West. These projects can spark an idea or be the starting point for your next project! Contact schools@unitingcarewest.org.au for more details and suggestions.


Whole School Initiatives are activities and events that involve the whole school, from Kindergarten to Year 12. 

  • Christmas and Winter Appeals

Contributing to UCW’s Christmas or Winter Appeals is an opportunity for all years collectively to be involved in social justice by collecting food, gifts, blankets jeans and other key items to be distributed to program and services within UnitingCare West. 

  • Gold Coin Donation Days

Students donate gold coins for dress-up days, sausage sizzles and incursions. 

  • Pancake Day

This event, also known as Shrove Tuesday, marks the beginning of the Christian Lent season and the opportunity for schools to enjoy making and selling pancakes to students and donating funds to UnitingCare West. 


  • Wesley College: Katitjin

Through a visit to UCW’s Day Centre for the Homeless and presentations from staff and clients, Year 8 students learn about homelessness, the underlying causes and its effect on individuals and families in the community. Students complete a photographic project and write an essay highlighting social justice issues and present these at an exhibition for family members. 

  • Penrhos College: Rugs for a Hug

Initiated through a Penrhos College student, this initiative now spans across many students. The students make fleece rugs to be donated to those who may be experiencing homelessness or are at risk of homelessness, both adults and children. 

  • Tranby College: Food Rescue

Tranby College students volunteer on a weekly basis to assist the UCW Food Rescue volunteers in sorting and packing the fruit and vegetables that are rescued from supermarkets and café’s on a daily basis. 

  • Methodist Ladies’ College: Week of Amazement

Students from Year 10 were placed in different UnitingCare West services to engage them in activities to help those in need as part of the MLC’s Week of Amazement. The students volunteered in the UCW Christmas Appeal workshop, as well as at UCW Food Rescue.

  • Scotch College: Make a Difference Program

This is a guest speaker program for all Year 10 students that aims to highlight the services that UnitingCare West operate within our community. The aim is to get the students thinking on two levels; firstly is there volunteer opportunities available to them either now or in the future and long term would this be the kind of work they may like to be involved in the long term.

  • Presbyterian Ladies’ College: ‘Once upon a time’ Bookshelf Project

Year 10 students built 10 bookshelves in their Design and Technology Woodwork class. These bookshelves were donated to the Bookshelf Project for Family Group Homes, a program that provides 24hour residential care in a shared home for children who can no longer live with their families. 

  • St Stephen’s School: Rainbow Community Lunch

Students from St Stephen’s School spent time at a Rainbow Community Lunch helping to serve food and drinks to the guests, spending time talking to community members who are experiencing mental illness or social isolation and assisting with the clean-up. 


  • Musical performances from school groups at different UCW events
  • Sleep-out event to raise awareness and funds for people experiencing homelessness
  • Advocacy awareness workshops with UCW guest speakers
  • Hosting activity days for different programs
  • Alumni associations collecting donations at annual morning tea’s and lunches
  • Book collection during Children’s Book Week 

UCW Executive Managers with bookshelves built by PLC students