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Make a Difference... Investigate

Need some information for a school assignment on UnitingCare West? Or perhaps you want to know more about our organisation and how to make a difference? Well, congratulations, this is a great place to start!

Unfortunately, not all people enjoy good health, have enough money or food, or have a house to go home to.

But UnitingCare West believes everyone has the right to be safe which is why we promote social justice advocacy through the services we offer for the in need in the community. We are here to help those most in need to overcome their challenges and lead life to their fullest potential.

A donation from you to a charity like UnitingCare West can help people in Perth to have their basic needs met, and gain assistance in other areas of their lives.

Learn, Live and Give at Home

Learn more about the importance of giving and saving. Set up three jars in which to distribute your any money you are given. One each for spending, saving and your pocket money. It’s an easy and fun way to help others and learn to manage your money.

Pick a charity that means something to you, and allocate some of your pocket money into your giving jar each week. The amount will grow and you can make a difference to others, while also feeling proud of your donation.

You could begin by supporting related services and appeals such as Tranby Day Centre or UnitingCare West’s Winter or Christmas Appeals, or simply make a small regular donation to UnitingCare West.

Learn, Live and Give at School and in Your Community

Giving our energy, our resources or our time for the common good is called philanthropy. Philanthropy contributes to helping others who are disadvantaged and enjoy a good quality of life. This is all part of what we call Social Justice.

The common good is something that benefits everyone.

We work for the common good when we:

• Help to understand the needs of others (advocate) and  reduce poverty and improve the life circumstances of others in need in the community (include).

Why Learn Live and Give?

Because we want every person to have the opportunity to enjoy a safe, healthy and happy environment to live in and to use. We are dedicated to using our energy, resources and time for the common good. We know that by working together we can:

• Make a difference

• Feel proud of our achievements

• Make our community proud of us

Want to Investigate Disadvantage and Social Justice?

You can learn more about the issues facing the disadvantaged in Perth and how you can help us to help those in need from the Schools Booklet. Find out more about the disadvantaged in Perth and the services UCW offers in the community...

You can download specific themes from the booklet or a full copy by clicking on the links below

Social Inclusion for People with Disabilities

Teenage Parenthood

Financial Hardship and Poverty

Substance Using Parents

Housing for People with Intellectual Disabilities or Mental Illness

Discrimination due to Sexual Diversity

Indigenous Communities


Social Inclusion for People with Mental Illness

Community Safety and Crime

Safe and Nurturing Families for Children


Become A Social Justice Ambassador

You can become a member of our Social Justice Ambassadors Club and receive up to date information on issues, along with a regular free newsletter.



      Make a difference and plan an activity


     Make an Action Plan


Share stories and photos with others

Others may be interested in your projects – and your stories and photos will inspire them. Email your descriptions and photos to schools@unitingcarewest.org.au