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Teachers and School Staff

Opportunities for Action!

UnitingCare West can assist schools and school staff to address their service curriculum outcomes and provide opportunities for students to ‘take action’ within the community. Whatever the focus of your school the School Liaison Officer - schools@unitingcarewest.org.au can help to create connections with programs and services at UnitingCare West to help to embed social justice and create authentic learning in and out of the classroom.

There are three different ways to approach service in school, and at UnitingCare West we can provide opportunities to enhance all of them.

These approaches are:

I. Direct Service: occurs one-on-one helping others in the community.

For example: Engaging with clients directly, talking to clients, assisting in activities, playing games, reading to clients, sharing a meal.

II. Indirect Service: does not require one-on-one work, but still provides valuable services to the community.

For example: Creating artwork for a shared home, developing literacy bags for foster children, making pamper packs for people experiencing homelessness, do a clean-up of a UCW site.

III. Advocacy: students take an informed stand on a social justice issue and disseminate the information to the community.

For example:  Invite a guest speaker from a UCW program to talk to students about the issue and what can be done to help people in the community. 


For a comprehensive description of all UnitingCare West programs and services along with related social issues and opportunities for action, download our

Services and Opportunities for Schools


Australian Curriculum Links for Social Justice Inquiry

Not only can UnitingCare West assist in developing activities to align with your core curriculum, we can provide springboards to address the seven general capabilities outlined in the Australian Curriculum. These capabilities incorporate knowledge, skills and behaviours that will assist students to live and work successfully in the twenty-first century.

The UnitingCare West Wheel of Capabilities’ demonstrates how, by posing a question to students and incorporating the services and programs provided by UCW, students can conduct an inquiry and participate in authentic learning by exploring and addressing these issues in their community.