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The Warehouse School Holiday Program

Cooking program poster FinalWould you love the chance to enjoy a quiet coffee, or a chat with a friend.  Or maybe the  chance to read a book uninterrupted for a while?

The Warehouse has the perfect opportunity for you and the family this January school holidays.

Book the kids in for a school holiday workshop at The Warehouse, and take advantage of enjoying a cuppa in The Warehouse café.

UnitingCare West in collaboration with our workshop providers is offering fun, interactive and educational classes for kids.

Places are limited, so book your kids in today!

For more information, download the leaflet here.


What’s 2 Eat? Kids Cooking Classes

At What’s 2 Eat? our aim is to sell to your children the fun of cooking and making recipes using fresh whole foods. Our cooking classes are hands-on with the kids, involving them in every stage.  We will stimulate kids’ taste buds and all other senses important to enjoying food, and surprise you with how easily these foods can be prepared. At What’s 2 Eat? we help your kids conquer fussy eating, boost their self-confidence, develop real culinary skills and gain lifelong healthy eating habits.

Session: Morning and afternoon sessions available between 4 - 25 January. Click Book Now below to view dates and times.
Age: 3 - 15 years
Cost: From $22/child
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Lego® Rescue Helicopter

Ever wondered how aircrafts fly?

This lesson explores the wonderful science behind aerodynamics and lift! It’s taught in a way that even primary school students can easily understand. We build a Lego® rescue helicopter then we get the chance to “pilot” it.

Session: Thursday 19 or Saturday 21 January 9:00am to 10:30am
Age: 8+
Cost: $22/child

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Lego® Blender (served with chocolate mousse)

What’s the connection between Lego® and chocolate mousse?

With some creativity, it is possible to build a blender from Lego®. We even have handheld and desktop blenders. In this lesson, we look at the science that drives a blender, we build a Lego® blender, then we use it to whip up some chocolate mousse. This is edible science at its delicious best!

Session: Thursday 19 or Saturday 21 January 11:00am to 12:30pm
Age: 7+
Cost: $22/child

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Jellybean St Fine Art Finger Painting

Book your little one into this unique kinder fine art workshop and let them explore their artistic side. Each workshop is just one hour and packed with fun, music and activities. After the workshop is complete, have one of our graphic artists transform your little ones finger paintings into beautiful high quality fine art designs. Have their designs printed on stretched canvas and published for sale in our online gallery to help raise money for children's charities. A percentage of each sale is also given back to your children to reward them for their artistic talent.

Session: Tuesday 10 January 10:30am to 11:30am and 12.30pm to 1.30pm
Age: 1 – 13
Cost: $30/child

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